Meet our Hair Vitamins

OASE Hair Vitamins is a revolutionary vegan hair supplement that provides all essential nutrients for healthier, longer, and better looking hair.

OASE Hair Vitamins consist of 17 top quality ingredients, carefully selected using the latest scientific insights; our product is produced using patented Swiss technology. Our Hair Vitamins are made of all-natural ingredients, are 100% vegan and certified halal.

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OASE Hair Vitamins contains all essential nutrients for healthier, longer and better looking hair. It's the perfect hair supplement for your client's hair routine.

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✓ OASE is the most complete hair vitamin on the market
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✓ 300+ salons already sell OASE
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Over 95% of your customers experience inconveniences such as hair loss and breakage.

Our modern way of life provides us with endless possibilities. We’re online 24/7, just an email away from our friends and families and always on the lookout for that new job opportunity or social event.

The benefits of modern living are countless, but the stress we accumulate over time affects our bodies tremendously. Our hair is particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of stress.

But there is a solution: with a little help in the form of supplements, our bodies get the boost they need to keep our hair strong and healthy.

However, conventional capsules are large and unpleasant to swallow.

That’s why OASE Hair Vitamins come as Vegan Soft Gums™, a new form of dietary supplements for those who prefer a supplement that is healthy, ethical, tasty and easy-to-consume.

OASE Hair Vitamins is the simple solution that provides all the essential nutrients the body needs for healthier hair. Our patented Soft Gums™ are soft, sweet candies with a blackcurrant flavor that don’t stick to your teeth.

300+ salons already sell OASE

✔ Vegan ✔ GMO-Free ✔ Allergen-Free ✔ Swiss Invention ✔ Halal

Say hello to good-for-you ingredients.

OASE Hair Vitamins combine natural vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and amino acids to stimulate the growth of lush and healthy hair. Our Hair Vitamins are completely vegan and halal, and a daily dose contains only 2,82 grams of sugar: the equivalent of a bite of banana. Our Soft Gums™ are made of 100% natural ingredients and are, of course, GMO-free.


Our dietary supplement contains three important amino acids: carnitine, cysteine and taurine. These amino acids stimulate hair growth by optimizing the flow of nutrients to the hair roots and improving the energy production.


These are minerals we need to keep our hair in good condition. A zinc and selenium deficiency can lead to diminishing hair growth and is even linked to hair loss.


Folic acid is important for protecting our DNA and cell division. It improves the growth of bodily tissues such as our hair.


The key vitamin for our hair. A biotin deficiency is linked to easily damaged hair and hair loss in general. A high dose of biotin is commonly used in products for stronger, lusher and healthier hair. A welcome extra: it’s good for your skin and nails too.

VITAMIN A, B6, B12, C, D3 & E

These vitamins are also included in the formula to improve hair quality in their own unique ways.


Bamboo extract is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bamboo plant. Bamboo is naturally high in silica (75%), an essential nutrient that makes dry and damaged hair shinier and healthier.


An iodine deficiency can lead to damaged hair follicles. Hair follicles are extremely vulnerable and damage quickly, while healthy hair follicles are needed shiny, lush and healthy hair.


This improves blood circulation to the scalp, making sure nutrients reach the hair follicles as quickly as possible.


Several positive effects have been attributed to inositol, including the prevention of hair loss and even improving the growth of existing hair.



What is OASE Hair Vitamins?

OASE Hair Vitamins is a revolutionary vegan supplement that provides all essential nutrients for healthier, longer and better looking hair. Our patented Soft Gums™️ are soft, sweet candies with a blackcurrant flavor that don’t stick to your teeth. Our Gums are made of 100% natural ingredients and are, of course, GMO-free.

What are the intended effects of OASE Hair Vitamins?

Stronger and longer hair, feeding the hair with nutrients from the inside, improving general health, improving hair strength, reducing hair loss and the risk thereof and minimizing hair breakage.

Why are the gummies called Soft Gums™ and what are they?

Our patented Soft Gums™ are soft, sweet candies with a blackcurrant flavor that don’t stick to your teeth. Compared to other vitamin gummies that use gelatin and pectin (an ingredient to bind nutrients into a gummy), the Soft Gums™ taste better, look nicer and do not stick to your teeth.

Are the OASE Hair Vitamins vegan and halal?

Yes, our product is 100% vegan and halal certified.


Where do you ship to and how long does shipping take?

We ship world wide. Orders with a quantity below 1000 pieces will be shipped out the same day and delivered within 24 hours in the Benelux. The rest of Europe takes about 1-3 business days to arrive.

What are your shipping charges?

All of our orders will be shipped out for free.

Will I be charged duty fees?

Europe: you will not be charged.
Rest of the world: By complying with all local standards and regulations, we do our very best avoid any possible charges your country may assess your shipment. You may contact your local customs agent if you have any questions regarding additional fees on your shipment. The final decision is decided by your country's import regulations.

Is there any way I can track my package?

We send a tracking link in the shipping confirmation email you will receive.


What payment options do you offer and what does it cost?

We offer a wide range of payment options and all of them are free of charge. You can find all of our active payment methods at the bottom of our website (footer).

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We use an encryption service to process your payment, we do not see your credit card information and we do not store it for future use. We will not be able to charge your card again.

Do you charge extra costs for certain payment methods?

No. All payment methods are free of charge.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice (overview of your order) directly after you placed an order with us by email. You will also receive a PDF invoice within 5 business days after your order for your accounting/records.


How can I become a reseller of OASE products?

We are currently accepting physicians, salons, spas and specific retailers to open an account with us. You can apply for an account here.

Can I receive a sample?

Yes, of course. Please place an order on our consumer website. We will give you a full refund for your sample when you decide to work with us.

Do you offer promotion material?

Yes! We offer free high quality flyers and samples to make it as easy as possible for your to convince your customers to purchase OASE. In addition to standard promotional material such as social media content, we also offer promotion material based on your needs. Ask your OASE account manager about this.

What is your pricing?

You will receive access to our pricing and other information once we accept your account. Please apply for a wholesale account here.

Does it work? Is it legit?
We'll let our salon owners take it from here.

In addition to our client's hair routine

OASE Hair Vitamins is a very good addition to our client's hair routine. We often get the question if we have something to stimulate hair growth. What else is better than a vegan supplement that provides all nutrients for our client's hair from the inside out? We have been selling OASE in both of our high-end stores in Amsterdam, with great success. And don't forget the taste and structre: it's the best!

Our favorite Hair Vitamin supplement

We have been selling OASE Hair Vitamins since it launched in our John Beerens salon in Tilburg and in our online shop. Our customers are very satisfied with how the gummies taste and with the results for their hair. OASE Hair Vitamins is a very good addition to our client's hair routine and has become one of the best selling products in our store.

Perfect for our new store

By dyeing my hair blonde it was quite damaged and as a result I lost the fulness of curls. Because of OASE my hair is stronger, fuller and I have less hair loss. The taste and natural ingredients make it a healthy treat every day! In our salon we focus on emphasizing natural beauty, OASE matches that perfectly.